I am an analog photographer based in Kalamazoo Michigan. I like big cameras, cats, heavy music, nature, and weird stuff. All of these things are applicable to my work except for the cats (sorry kitties). In April of 2016 I received my first Photography degree—an Associate of Applied Sciences from Kellogg Community College and am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Western Michigan University’s Gwen Frostic School of Art.



Why Film?

One of the things that sets me apart from other photographers in this day and age is my love for analog media. Because I know this may pose a few questions for some of my potential clients,  I wanted to take some time to share some info on my choice of medium and what makes it is special.

Q: Isn’t digital just easier?
A: Convenient? Yes. Easy? Certainly not. They’re really just different. Film is what I shoot the most so that is what is most comfortable for me. I also find that it better fits my aesthetic with very little modification after the fact. Not to mention nothing kills the passion like long hours spent slumped over a computer screen.

Q: What does working with film bring to your work?
A: Aside from it being a personal preference, I believe that my time spent in the darkroom brings more of me to my work. Much of my conceptual work is deeply personal as it is primarily about me. Being in direct contact with my media throughout the whole process adds one more layer of that personal aspect to the work.

Q: Can you still "fix" me in Photoshop?
A: I have nothing against Photoshop as well as other photo editing softwares. It is a tool that I utilize when needed. Because I don’t have access to a color darkroom, all of my color film needs to be scanned in order for me to work with it. My next step is to open the images in Photoshop for some minor adjustments to color, contrast, etc. Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool, however I feel that it is important not to overuse it. I do not do any extensive retouching of my models as this simply does not fit with my personal code of ethics. While I want you to look your best, I still want you to look human, and even more importantly, like you. So yes, to some extent I will "fix" you, but there's really nothing wrong with you to begin with :)